February 12, 2017

soft string bangle 4093

 Made without buttons this little bracelet started out as a wrapping of the warp cords on a bottle mold followed by a widely spaced wrapping process.

Additional warp cords were laid in parallel and woven in, you can see the colors showing through.

Here the additional warp cords are visible thought the weave. No need for fussy packing of the weft this is an exploration of texture and color.

And of course the shape got messed when the tension on the warp gets out of alignment but the overall effect is pleasing.

some other designs that might interest you:

experimental string weave overview

wide blue tapestry woven rope cuff 4091

grey one button cuff 4095

All cotton string from the up-cycle box plus a very light cotton twine that was paired then threaded in the weft.

More of these are available for you to purchase in the ETSY shop in the tapestry cuffs section

design and photos copyright 2017 

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