February 7, 2017

wide blue tapestry woven rope cuff 4091

 A wider two-button design cuff with a blend of blue cotton double strand weft wrappings.

The warp cords are 3 mm cotton and form a strong linear geometry around which the thinner weft string is woven. The weft assumes a series of figure-8 shapes as it crosses over in the spaces between the warp cords creating the ribs.

The whole thing is made on a small loom after setting the size using a circular mold.

Want to see how these are made?
View the step-by-step tutorial click here.
The termination of the weave involves following the looped warp cords around the looped ends as you can see in this image. The cords are reversed in pairs.

Buttons are secured with waxed nylon thread.

Here's an overview of design variations.
The simple color patterns are various lengths of weft cord juxtaposed.

Check the tapestry cuffs section  of WhatKnotShop on ETSY for this and a variety of similar designs.

design and photographs copyright 2017

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