March 10, 2017

red grey walnut tapestry weave cuff bracelet 4127

 The range of colors in this cuff runs from a dark walnut brown to a bright red. The warp cords are black polyester which emphasizes the color.

Eight strand warp creates a generous width a pair of "tails" extending from the loop side.

The buttons are custom made with a walnut shell texture pressed into the concave side. The polymer clay was over baked to make the dark brown color and fuse the polymers.
 The over under wrapping technique makes the cuff reversible as the pattern and colors are exposed on both sides. This is the same weaving technique as these "fishtail" bracelets:

chunky fishtail braid bracelet with button

fishtail braid rope bracelets with button loop

chunky fishtail braid rope bracelet with wood bead 
The flat-earth view showing the color pattern and accents (made with store-bought cotton floss)

This and other similar designs can be found in the ETSY shop.

design and photographs copyright 2017

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