March 24, 2017

walnut one button tapestry weave handmade cuff bracelet 4125

I really like the color of this walnut brown dye batch so naturally I'm using it in these tapestry weave cuff projects. There are two innovations here:

1. The loops have one leg near the center of the weave which makes for a more secure grip on the button.

2. The warp cord ends are returned into the warp forming loops instead of cut off ends. This creates a less ragged end under the loops.
 In this photo you can see some of the detail in the  clay button. There are a pair of larger holes for the 3 mm warp cord. The surface texture is created with a walnut shell before the baking process hardens the clay. This button is made from the stock white Sculpy clay which has a bit of sparkle  to it (invisible in the picture of course…)

Made on a 7" mold the finished cuff is about 6 1/2" (165 mm) inside circumference. This is a 6 strand warp, the center two strands are combined.
The long winded tutorial starts here showing how these are made.

You may want to visit the online shop to see what is available in this collection.

design and photographs copyright 2017

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