May 21, 2014

four more places at the lake

 Four more bright yellow turks head knots deployed in four locations (different from the first three)

Know this place? leave a comment. If you correctly guess the location I'll send you a replica bracelet in your choice of size.

You must be specific about details!
 This location is a repeat.

Two years ago another knot was placed in this location and is still there although a bit soiled from exposure. There is a tree decorated with knitting in the vicinity as well. Almost an art fair!

Know this place? Comment your guess below.
 This one is on the middle rail of a beach stairway. Which beach? Which stairway?

update 4/25/14 gone missing! during a walkabout noticed this one was no longer in place. :(
In the distance two large turtles are hauled out on the rocks. This bright piece of rope work is easier to see, you can walk right up to it.

Where is it? (missing!) as of 4/25/14 this one was also observed to be gone.

See the first three places on the lake here.

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