July 20, 2014

Lift Lock Peterborough ON

Downstream view of the historic 19.8 m vertical rise lift-lock located in Peterborough ON. Built in 1904 this is the world's highest hydraulic lift lock, one of only 7 built worldwide.

The left side lock basin is in the down position even with the surface of the water. You can see the supporting trusses on either side adjacent to the un-reinforced concrete piers. On the right you can see the elevated lock basin with the steel containment bulkhead on the downstream end. The trusses are centered on a vertical steel ram that supports each basin.

The two rams are controlled by a valve that transfers water from one ram to the other allowing simultaneous descent of the basin on the right with elevation of the basin on the left. Tons of water and boat are precisely balanced on each side (boat displacement = weight of water displaced) allowing the entire structure to ride easily in the vertical guides even if there is a boat in only one of the two basins.

The lock operates twice daily at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm and occasionally at 3:00 pm
2 hour sightseeing cruises are available Victoria Day through Labour Day. (May through September)

photograph copyright 2014 George Hutchinson

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