February 21, 2015

handmade clay bracelet 3504

 New materials and ancient inspiration combine in this modern relic clay bracelet. Pyramidal spikes made out of textured clay are placed on an adjustable nylon cord with spacers to call forth the sprites of the ancients to protect the modern warrior in the daily battle.

A little bit like teeth or pieces of antler the clay has been mixed in a custom color then baked to harden and fuse. This is a modern relic discovered through a process of creation, dug up from the unconscious.
 The closure is a simple button and loop. The cord can slide through the small orange glass bead to provide continuous adjustment from 7 1/2" to 8" (or larger) circumference.

This design is part of the Handmade Artifacts project which re-creates ancient forms in modern materials.
This piece is part of a developing collection of all handmade modern artifacts exploring the contemporary interpretation of imagined natural objects brought into existence from memory.

Look for this and other modern relics coming soon to a new venue.

design and photographs © copyright 2015 WhatKnotShop

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