July 19, 2015

mixed cord grommet collections 3631and 3632

 This collection of grommet bangles comes from one of the many piles of cord ends and odd bits of color that accumulate during the making of rope bracelets. This group is a mix of colors made with multiple coach whippings. Using multiple colored cords in a single grommet entails securing the extra loose ends. Three colors of waxed thread are used individually and in mixed combinations.

This group (3632) is all about 8" to 8 1/4" in size.

Find this grey collection here.
In this group there are both the twisted cotton cord and the smooth braided cords used to create a range of color and texture. The coach whippings are tan, brown, black and white.

This group (3631) is about 7 1/2" in size

An illustrated tutorial showing how grommets are made here.

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