September 6, 2015

spiral carpet pad cuff bracelet 3692

The third in the series of conceptual carpet pad designs this piece is made from a 1" strip of pad that has been laid out on a mold with the edges aligned, then edge stitched together using a heavy black waxed thread. The effect is more etherial and definitely lighter weight than the bolt bracelet and less massive than the layered cuff.

The pattern on the exterior reverses but the ridges align nicely where they meet.
 The thread and connecting knots are concealed in the soft edges of the pad fabric giving this bracelet some mystery as to how it holds together. The bolt bracelet is fastened with force, the layered bracelet has visible stitching but this one has a hidden structure.
7 1/4" (183 mm) .7 oz (21 g)

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design and photographs © copyright 2015

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