August 30, 2016

bent plastic fiber bracelets 3996

Bent plastic refers to the source of the fibers for these bracelets: a length of plastic rope used as a cushioning material between large diameter pieces of steel pipe. The rope was recovered from the construction site, cleaned, then unraveled to reveal the fibers.

The irregular shape is a result of the bent fibers distorting the naturally circular form that grommets tend to take on when made from relaxed (cotton) cord.

Here's a collection of cotton grommet bracelets.
 This one is made from pure plastic filler embedded in the rope to provide some elasticity. It's actually a thin strip of material that has been twisted into a cord like form.

Whippings are made with waxed thread.

Here is a similar collection made from beach rope.
This one is made from a piece of bright blue synthetic. You can see the "corners" where the natural distortions of the fiber cause local anomalies in the curvature.

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