December 28, 2009

grey and white double diamond turks head knot bracelet

Working with the traditional twisted cotton cord and adding some subtle color creates this grey and white classic design.

The cord is tightly twisted and holds it's shape nicely.

The weave is a 17 bight double diamond pattern.

You can see the cut off ends where they are trimmed after the nylon stitching is complete. This stitching holds the loose ends secure and prevents them from coming out of the knot and unravelling.

Any of the turks head bracelets can be supplied with loose ends for those of you who would like to make your own adjustments.

All you have to do is ask!

This one is on the small side of "medium" measuring 6 7/8" inside circumference.

Once you squeeze this on it will tend to shrink and fade a little bit.

Bleach is a really bad idea for any of the hand dyed pieces on this blog or in the Etsy shop. Bleach will fade the color of the dyed cord. So will swimming pools that are full of chlorine.

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