December 16, 2009

wide turks head knot bracelet 393

I like these wide weave designs as it really allows the color and pattern to show. This one is a natural white cotton with a center strand of light grey.

The "faded" colors (not really faded) look like something that got bleached.

This is a 9 x 13 x 3 double diamond weave.

See the little piece of nylon thread on the inside? That's where the end stitching is. All the bracelets are stitched so they don't get messed by partial unwrapping. All except the "adjustable" designs and these are clearly labeled in the description.

This grey color is an old dye bath that had been previously used to create a much darker batch of cotton cord. The diluted result is what is used here.

RIT dye seems to have a warm grey drift in the color.

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