January 4, 2010

Nominal sizes for WhatKnotShop bracelets

There are typically three approximate sizes listed in the online  postings. Here’s what they mean: 
SMALL - less than 7" (178 mm) inside circumference

MEDIUM  - more than 7” (178 mm) but less than 8” (203 mm) inside circumference

LARGE  - more than 8” (203 mm) inside circumference

Actual dimensions are posted in each listing are given so that you may select the correct “slip-on” size for your personal best fit.

All measurements are approximate as the bracelet materials are stretchable and can vary somewhat.

Find a wide selection of genuine turks head knot rope sailor bracelets at these online shops:

ArtFire Studio   or    Etsy Shop   or    Zibbet Collection

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