March 20, 2011

BASIC turks head knot adjustable rope bracelets

Adjustable to make a perfect fit...this is the BASIC line of rope bracelets offered in a variety of colors. In the photo to the left you can see the end of the cord used to weave the bracelet. These loose ends are intentional and allow you to work the extra slack out of the knot to reduce the size to a more comfortable fit. All of these are shipped with illustrated instructions showing how to make this adjustment. The knot tying is all figured out. The final size adjustment is all yours.

After working out the extra slack the remaining cord can be trimmed off. To keep the ends from coming undone You can use some dental floss to sew the ends together.

A recent buyer suggested that after working up the bracelet to the final fit   with the ends trimmed off you turn the bracelet inside-out to hide the cut off ends. 

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