May 3, 2011

The greys have it

 This micro collection is made from four different turks head rope bracelets made out of four different variation on grey.

This example is a blue-grey braided cotton cord worked in a herringbone weave design. This item available in the Etsy shop where you can find other solid color handmade rope bracelets in a variety of colors. (1325)
 This wider design is also blue-grey made in a plain weave pattern with a soft lay cotton-polyester blend cable cord. This one is available in the ArfFire shop where there is a larger collection of this medium width plain weave design and a variety of the herringbone patterns as well. (1072)
This is a blend of turquoise blue and grey soft lay 100% cotton cable cord. The center strand is a light turquoise blue, the outer two strands are light grey. This bracelet is available in the Zibbet shop where you can find other blended color rope bracelets in a variety of interesting combinations. (1077)
Here is another herringbone weave made from a very soft cotton cord with a relaxed braided cover. The variegated color reflects the cord materials which are not as tightly woven as other braided cords. Find this one on Etsy. (1327)

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