October 9, 2011

four button clothesline ankle cuff 1596

 Got to messing around with the scrap bin and some cotton clothesline material and before you know it hand a proper tangle of loops and bits arranged on one of my bigger molds. This ankle cuff was assembled in four parts (one for each of the button loops) then tied together. The beads are placed in the seams between the button loops except for the ridge of seed beads which were applied after the whole thing was assembled.

This is large. Size is 10" (253 mm) inside circumference and 2 5/8" (68 mm) to 2 3/4" (71 mm) wide.
The four buttons hold this anklet closed and are easy to pop through the loops which are a cotton cord. (clothesline actually) hence the name.

This is a unique piece of rather substantial proportions but lightweight 2.7 oz (78 g)

Find this on Zibbet.

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