November 19, 2011

2 button blue green extra wide beaded cuff 1643

 This two button cuff is another in the clothesline series made with a grey hand dyed clothesline which forms the ribs and loops in combination with 3 mm hand dyed cotton cord. Glass seed beads are worked into the seams of the large cord. A row of glass beads forms a seam between the two halves of this bracelet. A pair of buttons and loops hold this cuff securely closed.
The colors are grey, green, and black. Bead colors are cobalt, light turquoise, light blue, and a mix of amber, yellow, pink and clear glass in the seam.

This item is available part of a series of clothesline cuffs in the design section of my Zibbet marketplace
The size is a large measuring 8" (204 mm) interior circumference when closed and 2 7/8" (71 mm) wide.
These unique constructions require between 12 -16 hours of work to build. This one was laid out on a PVC pipe mold where the larger cords were formed into the ribs and loops. The smaller diameter cords are laid out in the valleys and hand stitched into a fabric-like pattern. The bracelet is then removed from the mold and the beadwork is completed. Finally the two halves are stitched together using nylon thread and the larger glass beads.

design and photographs © copyright 2011 WhatKnotShop

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