January 12, 2012

Winter Beach collection on Etsy

This luminous Winter Beach collection by Tiffany Murphy has a lot of winter light and images. TiffanyStudio is where you can find her paintings or you can follow her blog.

This fascinating WHITE ORIGAMI KOI POND by Sipho Mabona shows off his exquisite skill creating these elegant and spare paper sculptures. See more including some with color in his shop MABONAORIGAMI.

This organic Porcelain Dish - 128-365 - Dish a Day Project made by Lisa Stevens looks like it might have been pried off an underwater coral reef. It's one of a series of fundraising projects Lisa is doing to support the The Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal. Great art for great work! More in her shop sea urchin.

The featured item in this collection is this aged paracord turks head knot rope sailor bracelet made from a very limited supply of authentic nylon cord rigging. More classic white bracelets here or you can see more of this design in hand dyed cotton cord in the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy

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