July 28, 2012

Ella says...

Ella says: "I like these rope bracelets because they don't fall apart. I have some other ones that come undone but not these!"

In the active on-the-go world of a busy pre teen having a quality rope bracelet is important. The last thing you need is for it to come undone while swimming or hanging out with friends.

All WhatKnotShop rope bracelets are made with high quality materials. Each is worked up to a finished shape (except for the DIY kits) ready for the beach. The loose ends are carefully stitched up to prevent fraying and unraveling. This sturdy kid approved construction means that you can have a summer full of fun with your favorite rope bracelet and never worry  about it coming apart.

Here are three new handmade rope bracelets from the summer collection:
Three part teal blue made with smooth texture hand dyed cord.
Five part grey herringbone made with soft twisted cable cord.
Wider nine part ecru herringbone made with un-dyed cotton blend cable cord.

A closeup of the nine part herringbone bracelet showing the distinctive "v" patterns created by the double overlapping weave. The herringbone weave makes an extra stretchy bracelet that can expand to fit over a larger hand but will shrink down to a comfortable snug fit.

"I really like to wear my bracelets all the time, like even when I'm going skiing and I have to pull a sweater on over them."

Find a favorite for your summer...

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