July 4, 2012

white star knot bracelet with blue and green beads 2106

 Here is another in the continuing series of star knot bracelets made with beads. This one is made with 2 mm braided nylon cord (actually sold as kite string) and two colors of plastic pony beads.

The blue beads are placed on the perimeter where there are two parallel bights. The green beads are placed at the center "spine" of the knot where the cord passes laterally though the loops.

The construction is a single pass of the cord making this a rather lightweight design.
 Previously published designs include this
black star knot bracelet with red beads which was also published on Pearl's blog back on June 4, 2012

rope bracelet with star knot meridian
(also executed in 2 mm white cord including a reference to the pattern author who designed this knot)

star knot meridian cotton rope bracelet 1739

The design needs a pattern, pins and some patience to lay out. This one required three "go-backs" to correct errors in the weave pattern.

Size is a "medium" measuring 7 3/4" (195 mm) inside circumference with plenty of flexibility.

design by Norbert Trupiano used with permission, photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

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