November 19, 2012

grey paracord turks head knot bracelet 2470

 550 paracord is a popular material for crafters including the survival bracelet market (can't survive without a nylon bracelet? - nice!). This design is not intended to be unraveled in an emergency but it does make a stylish accessory.

This is a silver grey color cord available from u-braid-it braiding supply company. I buy from them because they offer great customer service and quick shipping.
 This bracelet is a 12 x 5 x 3 design made from a double diamond pattern. This requires the use of a mold to hold the cords in place while the knot is developed. The double diamond pattern is too complex to be tied "in-the-hand" the way some of these turks heads are done.

My bracelets are NOT pre-shrunk but are made with new cord materials. This means that you can buy a larger size and expect the bracelet to shrink on your wrist. This example is 7 1/2" (191 mm) circumference just off the mold.
Paracord will shrink approximately 10% to 12% when wet and will take a "set" once it has been immersed in water.  This is the inner filler fibers shrinking, not the outer braided sheath. Repeated wettings will result in a bit more shrinkage each time until the material has reached equilibrium.

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