February 13, 2013

two button cuff bracelet with black glass beads 2641

 The third in a series of cuffs assembled from pairs of one-button rope bracelets featuring different types of beads. This design is the widest of the three with a center of 12 mm black glass beads. The contrast between the bright white, ecru, and grey fabric and  the solid dark glass beads creates visual drama.

Read the tutorial here showing how to make the one button bracelets.
 The framing cords are 1/4" braided line which creates a solid edge and provides a place to stitch in the beads. The buttons and loops are easy to pop open if you have really big hands, this is a big cuff measuring 8 1/2" (211 mm) inside circumference so you may be able to just slip it on over your hand instead. Here are the other two like this:

two button ribbed cuff bracelet with wood beads 2644
two button rainbow bead cuff rope bracelet 2643

The edge binding makes the cord fabric stiff enough to hold it's shape. The nylon thread keeps a tension on the fabric and you can see the little dimples where it is placed along the edge of the framing cord.

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