March 19, 2013

big barrel knot rope bracelet 2476

 This one goes a little crazy with the biggest barrel knots I could make (estimating the cord length is a guessing game). One is 15 the other is 17 wraps which makes a massive knot don't you think?

The 2 x 2 x 2 monkey fist and loop are whipped with brown waxed cotton thread for a secure and handsome finish.

And yes it is possible to slide these big knots around on the line, it just takes a little push.
 The material is a heavy #60 cotton line.

A similar design you might like is here.

Read about how to adjust the size of these bracelets here.
The size is a "large" measuring 8 1/2" (219 mm) when closed (shown in the photos). Expands to about 10" with some effort!

There is a collection this unique design rope bracelet          Available here.

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