March 21, 2013

custom work 13 part bracelet in black nylon 2714

 I don't see a lot of requests for these wider designs but this was a custom color request for a wide slip on style cuff. The design is similar to these:

big black paracord cuff 1747
Olive drab paracord turks head knot rope bracelet extra large 1540

both of which were also custom requests...
 This design is made with 2 mm nylon synthetic from a stash of material that came from a KMart store (of all places...) This is made by Wellington and marketed as a "sportsman cord" which might work for a tent stay or possibly a fish stringer...

Comes in 50 ft spools so it's just right for these bigger projects that need about 30 ft of line. This design required a 9" (228 mm) slip-on size. Read about how to measure your hand and estimate your size here: Figuring the fit - how to pick a size that's right for you.
I keep a few of these wider cuffs in stock and can make one to a particular size if needed.

You can also see the illustrated tutorial that shows how these are made from a cotton cord.

If you would like a pre-cut length of cotton or synthetic cord to try your hand at this just drop me an email message or leave a comment.

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