August 22, 2014

black paracord rope bracelet 3384

 Black paracord is a classic choice for making rugged rope bracelets like this herringbone weave design. The material is a 325 paracord which is thinner than the 550 material. This continuous weave has no hardware or clips.
 The design is a 29x5x2 herringbone weave drawn up to a firm shape. Size is a "small" measuring about 6 7/8" (274 mm) but the herringbone weave allows for a lot of natural stretch. This enables the bracelet to stretch out to fit over the bigger part of you hand then return to it's relaxed shape to fit more snugly on the wrist.
Paacord tends to shrink when it gets wet as the inner fibers absorb moisture and re-position. Nylon dries quickly and can be re-stretched to it;s original dimension.

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