August 21, 2014

white and navy rope bracelet 3383

 Classic nautical colors of bright white and navy blue made into a small rope bracelet. The material is 325 paracord which is a smaller diameter lighter weight material than the more common 550 variety. This smaller size makes this the perfect choice for people with smaller hands.
 Paracord is made from a fiber core covered with a woven sheath which provides a consistent smooth and colorful stock of material. The popular "survival bracelets" are made from this material. Available  in a huge range of colors paracord is easy to work with making these bracelets.

These knotted bracelets have no clips or other hardware, just a continuous weave pattern. Can you spot the ends?
Size of this bracelet is 6 1/4" (158 mm) inside circumference. The paracord will tend to shrink when it gets wet so this one would be just right for a teen or small adult wrist.

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