August 24, 2014

white paracord herringbone 3382

 Sometimes the smallest material used in the simplest way can produce the most impact. This is what makes these narrow herringbone turks head bracelets so appealing.

There is only a single piece of cord in this example a segment of bright white 325 paracord, worked up into a five part herringbone design.
 Each part passes over two and under two creating the distinctive herringbone "V" pattern. The loose ends are bound together with waxed thread to secure them from unraveling.

The weave has a natural flexibility enabling these types of bracelets to stretch out quite a bit then relax to their native smaller size.
The paracord is soft to the touch but very tough material. Like other types of paracord this will shrink when the inner fibers get wet and take a "set" after it dries out. This lighter gauge material is nicely propositioned for these smaller projects.

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