October 28, 2014

box of color

Inventory re-building starts with cutting lengths of cord in various colors. Stackable boxes are perfect project storage modules while the work is  in progress.

This 3 mm cord is destined to backfill the essential rope bracelets collection now available for shipment.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

October 10, 2014

three color herringbone 3414

 This herringbone weave design bracelet is made with three colors of cord interwoven with the ecru base cord. This design shows how versatile these knotted creations can get. The colored cords are laid parallel with the base to fill out the two strand structure of a 29 bight circumference
The base color is ecru (natural white) the accent colors are navy, light blue, and yellow.

Custom designs like this can be made-to-order.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

October 1, 2014

Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation limited edition rope bracelets

October is Dysautonomia awareness month and these three special limited edition rope bracelet designs are available now. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets goes to support the Dysautonomia Advocacy Foundation.

Follow the DAF on Facebook and see photos of these awareness bracelets.

This one-button design is available in three sizes.   It is secured with a custom made button and loop.

This is the slip-knot design which expands to fit over your hand then can be adjusted to your smaller wrist size. The money-fist and loop toggle holds the loose ends together.

Available in two sizes.

Find them on WhatKnotShop on Etsy.
This is the herringbone design that is a continuous braided five part turks head knot that has some natural stretch to enable you to squeeze it on over your hand. Available in three sizes for kids and grownups.

All are made with a faded teal hand-dyed cotton cord.

Please note that due to high demand these may be temporarily out-of-stock from time to time.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop