December 17, 2016

button toggle rope bracelets 4074

 These simple rope bracelets were designed for a custom order and a series were made out of the yellow ochre cord- the custom dye process always require some additional material to test color outcomes…

A heavier four ply cotton cord is used. A small button is secured to the open ends of the cord with  high strength nylon thread.

The loop is formed and secured with a waxed thread coach whipping detail. A second coach whipping is added near the button
 Finished size is 8" (203 mm) inside circumference about right for an adult male wrist.

This versatile design can be produced in a variety of sizes. Button design and color can be matched to a wide choice of dyed cord.

The coach whippings can be made with the traditional wax thread as in this example or cotton floss can be substituted using the same concealed end technique.
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Check the ETSY shop in the toggle bracelets section for availability of this design and other related designs.

design and photographs copyright 2016

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