December 19, 2016

black and blue adjustable bead bracelet 4087

 Hand twisted hemp four ply cord and two oversize glass beads make a simple adjustable bracelet (or anklet).

The hemp cord is made on a small rope machine like this. The glass beads have large oversize holes that can accept two passes of the cord.

An overhand knot secures the loose ends.

 The adjustment is simply a matter of sliding the beads on the cord to achieve the desired size. This design can expand to 13" (331 mm) and shrink to as small as 6 1/4" (158 mm) so it can fit over a smaller foot to be worn as an anklet or an average wrist.

More examples of handmade rope here

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This and similar designs are available in the ETSY shop in the toggle bracelets section or you can request a custom design.

design and photographs copyright 2016 

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