November 28, 2016

Hand laid twisted rope collection 4065

 A small collection of four hand made rope segments created from cotton yarn and waxed cotton cord. Made on a small rope machine these segments are used to make rope bracelets and double loop bracelets.

The cotton yarns are mostly hand-dyed in small batches then hand twisted into the finished pieces you see here.

The layout pattern code is 4 (pairs) each with 2 (strands) of yarn = "4x2"or an 8-ply cord.

A 4x2 cotton ~6 mm
B 2x3 navy and teal cotton ~3 mm
C 4x2 taupe cotton ~6 mm
D 4x2 waxed cotton "natural" ~ 4 mm

All about 72" to 76" length

An interesting property of four pair cords is the square section that emerges in the layup process. Each pair of twisted yarns nests with the other three creating a distinctive square section.
Look for handmade toggle bracelets and other designs in the ETSY shop soon. Some of this material is also available in the supplies section of the ETSY shop. You may also request a special run to meet your craft project needs.

design and photographs copyright 2016

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