November 2, 2016

small stack of plastic faux bone bangle bracelets with dyed color 4057

 This stack of four smaller bracelets is made by cutting the tubing at different angles and finishing the surfaces.

Changing the angle of the cut increases the interior circumference creating this rather pleasing tapered stack of faux bone bracelets.

Each bracelet is finished with a fine sandpaper and final polished using a felt buff to smooth the surfaces. This process heats the plastic slightly causing it to fuse together creating highlighted polished surfaces.

The color is a special solvent based dye process that incorporates the color directly in the plastic. The bracelets are placed in a retort and allowed to pickle in the dye solution for a few minutes. The solvent softens the surface embedding the dye color.
The surface textures created by the buffing process creates a natural range of color variation.

The resulting bangles are just the right size for people with smaller hands. The smallest size is 6 3/8" (163 mm) the largest is 7 1/2" (191 mm)
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design and photographs copyright 2016

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