November 9, 2016

two oval stained bangles 4056

 The third group in the stained PVC experiment is this pair of square chunky bangles, one very thin the other more substantial. Together they make a pair.

The wider bracelet is made from CPVC which means it has a low density core with two surfaces. The core is more porous and you can see it absorbs the dye creating a more saturated color.

The thinner bracelet is solid PVC so the dye penetration is generally less resulting in a lighter color.
Shape is an oval 2 1/4 (57 mm) x 2 5/8 (67 mm)

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thin oval bangles stained PVC 4058

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large bone bangle bracelet 4028

thick bone bracelet PVC cuff bracelet contemporary primitive design 3752

This and other pvc bracelets can be found on ArtiFactSite your source for traditional forms rendered in modern materials.

design and photographs copyright 2016 

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