November 7, 2016

geometry of PVC bracelets 4054

This post shows how to make different size bracelets from a single piece of PVC pipe.

The first picture shows an array of bracelets from the circular (upper left) to the oval (lower right). These shapes were sliced from the circular pipe at increasing angles.

This cutting generates a series of oval shaped sections that are then finished off with buffing to create a smooth surface.
 The 90 degree (or 0 deg angle)  cut produces a 2 1/8" (52 mm) diameter circular shape. About 6 3/16" (162 mm) circumference

A series of cuts at increasing angles produces ovals of increasing interior circumference
The 45 degree cut produces a 3" (76 mm) diameter oval shape (the short diameter is 2 1/8") and 7 3/4" (197 mm) interior circumference

design and photographs copyright 2016

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