March 16, 2017

rose and walnut cotton double tapestry weave cuff 4117

What makes this design different is the thicker ribs formed by the warp cords.

The colors are a combination of red and black walnut dyed cotton string. The warp is black polyester cord. Button is a custom made poly clay two hole disc with a textured surface.

Multi page tutorial with all the secrets.

Diagram showing a cross section of the weave.

In this bracelet there are a pair of warp cords in each pass instead of just one. This makes each rib a double width and gives the design a different proportion.
Full layout view. Bracelet measures 7 1/2" (191 mm) circumference. Some other designs you might like:

heather and blue grey one button string weave cuff

wide blue tapestry woven rope cuff 

a collection of early work

design and photographs copyright 2017

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