September 2, 2010

Salsa 2-4 fest at Afton Alps

There is a first time for everything and this last weekend was my first time at a mountain bike race. The event was sponsored by Salsa and featured two races: an 8 hour affair and a 24 hour knock your socks off enduro. Now extreme mountain bikers may appear intimidating but they are some of the friendliest people around. Watching these committed athletes riding in 90 degree heat all day and into the night was to say the least, impressive.

WhatKnotShop had a vendor both along with several other Minnesota based vendors including Allison pot pour ri jewelry design on Etsy. She offers finely crafted work in wood including rings, pendants, and earrings. Her work is both beautiful and quite affordable. 

Another artist who displayed her work was emily floyd. Her website is here but for now you are re-directed to her blog which is here. Emily creates pieces from high quality leather, rubber from bike inner tubes, and other reclaimed materials. I especially like her use of the inner tubes to create inside-out earrings. She also makes these cool bracelets from rubber and reclaimed leather samples that have a cut fringe on one side and a smooth fold on the other. 

Erica's Etsy shop reinvented wonders has the coolest colorful bibs made from colorful recycled signage fabrics. For the many families that attended this event Erica offers just the right thing to catch the attention of the younger set as well as the food that seems to avoid their mouths.

Angee Mai brought her fabulous claymation figures which attracted a of attention. Find a fun video at Claymate Creations  and see what I mean.

Throughout the festival there was live music including:

Right from Rona - Rock/Pop/Indie:
High Hopes - Hard Core Punk:
Four on the Floor - Southern Rock:
Eric Swan - Acoustic Guitar <--my personal favorite providing mellow tunes throughout a hot afternoon
Dad's Night-Time Friends - Covers: (Saturday night)

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