September 2, 2010

custom work for kids 816

Every now and then I receive a request for a custom piece for a younger person. I like making these for kids as it continues the tradition of having something cool and special that is yours alone.

This is a special request for someone who was passionate about purple but needed a smaller size than was offered in the online shop.

I had a bit of the purple cord remaining from the original dye batch which was long enough to make this 12 x 5 x 3 double diamond design.

So don't be shy about asking for a child sized version of work that is listed in the online shops. Most of the pieces offered can be made in smaller sizes that will fit younger kids as well as tweens.

Measure according to this guide then visit any one of these online shops to look over the selections, and contact me if you would like a special order made to fit a special child.


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