November 5, 2013

ombré rope bracelets trend spring 2014 fashion colors 3129

 Cayenne red - a dash of spicy heat

three part design made from ecru cotton braid (faded effect)

hand dip-dyed -  this is the tangent dip dye technique where the bracelet is partially immersed in the dye bath
quick ship sizes available:  small and medium

                   available here
 Freesia yellow -  tropical floral inspired shade

hand dip-dyed - this is the edge dip-dye technique where the bracelet is placed on edge in a shallow dye-bath
quick-ship sizes available: medium and large

                   available here 
Celosia orange - an optimistic, spontaneous hue much like the setting summer sun.

edge dip-dye technique shown on left, tangent dip-dye shown in center
quick-ship sizes: medium and large

                    available here

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