June 6, 2014

simple handmade rope choker necklace with button 3294

 A simple three part handmade rope necklace with a button and loop toggle made from cotton yarn on a small rope machine.

Size: 16" inside circumference

Three pairs of cotton yarn were used to make a three ply cord.
 Detail shows how the three pairs of cotton yarn were placed through the eyes of the custom made button. The rope machine creates the reverse twist in the body of the cord. The cord was slightly over twisted to enable the yarn loops to release from the machine and relax to the underside of the button.

The loop is bound with a waxed cotton thread coach whipping.
Various rope lengths can be made up to about 12 ft on this tabletop machine. Length of the necklace is determined by placement of the loop.

design and photographs © copyright 2014 WhatKnotShop

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