June 18, 2014

custom color cord for special projects

 In addition to the natural white cotton cord which is popular there are many color combinations that produce attractive rope bracelets. Here's a collection of colors that were used to make a set of customized one-of-a-color bracelets.

On the left aquamarine & white; light green & teal; scarlet & purple; light taupe & rust; orange & brown.

The cotton cord is dyed in small batches using the RIT color system. The process is described in more detail here.

Custom colors are available for your projects including finished pieces or bulk cord orders.

I recommend these links that have instructions for making turks head knot bracelets.
Here's a range of greens and blue-greens, another popular color family.

Custom colors require a few days to create. Some of these colors are stocked but only in limited quantities. If you are interested in a custom color please leave a comment or send an Etsy convo with your question.

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