June 13, 2015

three part leather braided bracelet with monkey fist and loop black 3612

 Using a single piece of 2 mm black leather lacing the challenge was to create a braided form that had no need for hardware and that could open and close without clips or buttons.

This bracelet has a three part braid with three strands for the running part of the band. The ball knot is a monkey fist 3x3x3 with a small plastic bead as a core. The loops are three strands of the lacing that fit over the monkey fist for a secure and easy to manage closure.
 Here you can see the details of the monkey fist and loop toggle.

7" (178 mm)
2 1/4" (56 mm)
1/2" (12 mm)

.3 oz / 9 g

Design can be expanded to make larger sizes
Available here

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design and photographs © copyright 2015

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