June 3, 2015

three square knot macrame soft bangles 3602

 The 70's called and wanted their macrame back so here it goes… Three made-to-order square knot cotton bracelets made with #24 cotton cord in three colors: natural, yellow, and pink.

This design uses a tube mold to stretch out the circumference cords while the square knots are tied. The ends are pulled tight through the last knot then stitched with nylon thread. Loose ends are removed. Non-adjustable.
 8" (203 mm)
2 1/4" (58 mm)
3/8" (7 mm)

makes a happy stack…

similar design available here or make a request for your custom size and color.

These and other unique bracelets can be found online WhatKnotShop on ETSY

design and photographs © copyright 2015 

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