January 25, 2009

herringbone weave turks head bracelet #119

A classic over two-under two basket weave design done in 1/8"  high density green nylon.

This is a 9 lead x 17 bight design doubled and left in an adjustable condition.The ends are left loose and not secured with stitching so that a custom fit can be made.

The slack can be worked out to make this smaller once in place on your wrist. Full instructions are provided with each order.

2 1/4" inside diameter x 1 1/2" wide adult "small" 

The doubled weave makes this piece a bit more substantial. Expect almost no shrinkage as this is made from nylon material.

The weave naturally can stretch a bit to fit over a small size hand. If you would like a bigger size in the same design please visit the Etsy store and request a custom size based on design #119 I will need a measurement taken around your hand.

Check your slip-on size click here then select your favorite from one of these online shops:

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