September 16, 2010

adjustable anemone bracelet

This is the original anemone cuff bracelet design made from up-cycled bits of colored cord. The diameter is fixed as the nylon threads that bind the cords run in a circular pattern. The bracelet is made on a mold which sets the finished internal circumference.

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Extra wide with the frayed ends fanned out just like the tentacles on the real anemones found in the ocean. A mix of colored cords was used in this prototype.

This is the new design which is adjustable to fit extra small wrists of about 6" or so on up to the larger 8" size.

The same design is used except the binding thread is not continuous but creates an opening to allow size adjustment.

A uniquely designed beaded toggle enables the continuous adjustment from small to extra large.

In this view the small dark bead center bottom is placed through a loop of the black cord. The bead slides on the loop of blue cord to adjust the fit.

The two other dark beads can rest inside their own loops when the bracelet is adjusted to the small size  or they simply ride on the closure loops.
Colors are a mixture of blue, turquoise, green, and grey. All cotton cords are hand dyed and stitched with 4 ply nylon thread. Beads are made of dark glass. Cotton floss is used to detail the stress points.

Here is the bracelet opened up showing the toggle beads and the loop fully extended.

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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