October 10, 2010

blue to green herringbone rope bracelet collection

Traditional herringbone pattern weave design in five new colors.

Sizes are  "medium" measuring 8" (203 mm) inside circumference. As with all bracelets of this design there is some stretch owing to the double overlap weave pattern.
Dark ocean blue     
Skye blue (light)    
Skye blue            
Copper green

Solid color rope bracelets are available here if you don't see the design you like please make a request. Keeping all these in-stock not possible BUT they can be custom made just for you in a few days.
All are hand made of hand dyed cotton and cotton-polyester blend cords. The loose ends are stitched to prevent unraveling and then trimmed off. All will shrink somewhat when wet.

Illustrated instructions on how to make a herringbone weave bracelet like these can be found

design and photographs copyright 2010 WhatKnotShop

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