November 29, 2010

WhatKnotShop shopping guide part two

Design - Two shops have different stock of these unique bracelets. Some have beadwork, some have toggle closures, some are small, some are large. Each one is handmade from cord, beads, & cotton floss, held together with four ply nylon thread. All are special
Shop design on Etsy
Shop design on Zibbet
Fiber wrapped jewelry - An offshoot of the knot business that came about from a creative use of the leftover pieces of cord that are created when a knot bracelet is made. These are "up cycled" slip on bracelets and choker style necklaces made by wrapping deconstructed string and floss around core materials.
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on ArtFire
Shop for wrapped fiber jewelry on Zibbbet
Beaded rope bracelets - Another offshoot of the knot tying work that has recently expanded into other experimental forms. Some bracelets incorporate beads in traditional turks head knot designs like the example shown on the left while other pieces are more about the beads.
Beaded knot bracelets on ArtFire
Beaded knot bracelets on Zibbet
Extra wide cuffs - These are the most dramatic wide slip on cuff bracelets available. Each one is a carefully made knot requiring many hours of work to lay out and then work up to the finished shape. This example is ready to slip on your wrist and tighten up to a comfortable custom fit.
See extra wide cuffs on ArtFire
See extra wide cuffs on Zibbet

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