March 28, 2011

a little green and grey one for the little ones 1163

 Here's a fun little (kid sized) bracelet made from the short ends of cord bundles that have been used to make larger bracelets. This one is a mere 5 1/2" (140 mm) inside circumference perfect for a child or 'tween. 100% cotton cord is hand dyed in small batches. The colors are copper green and grey. The ends have been stitched to keep it from falling apart with the kind of heavy use that kids put everything through!
Find a collection of children's sized rope bracelets on Zibbet. While I try to keep a variety of colors and sizes it is possible that you may not find exactly what you want. I am happy to take custom requests and my prices are the same for the custom work as they are for the in-stock items. 

You may also be interested in this turquoise herringbone rope bracelet which is available in smaller sizes as well.

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