May 29, 2011

blue on blue nylon ankle bracelet 1387

Recently a customer requested a special color anklet similar to this design but made out of a blue cord. I had three colors already made up: light blue (left), lilac (center), and dark blue (right) were offered as possibilities. She chose the light and dark blue.
This is 1/8" nylon/synthetic braid that has been treated in a dye bath. Most of the dye washes out leaving a very subtle color. The nylon material has a natural transparency which highlights the color that does remain.

Here's the ankle bracelet in it's expanded form ready to ship. The two cords have been laid parallel in a 22x9x2 plain weave design with the ends left loose. The inside circumference is approx. 12" to enable it to fit over the foot. The slack is then worked out to reduce the diameter and make a comfortable size. Nylon will shrink very slightly (much less than cotton cord) when wet.

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