February 29, 2012

red beaded cotton bangle 1823

In this design the red glass beads form a continuous layer between the cotton cords.

This is a very narrow width. High strength waxed nylon binds the cord matrix together laterally and vertically though the beads. Possible design variations include black or other color cord, alternate color beads, and a coded sequence of beads.

8 1/4" (209 mm) inside circumference

          available here

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February 27, 2012

Uncomplicated Grey collection on Etsy

There are many worthy items in this collection titled Uncomplicated Grey put together by laura a.k.a. feltjar. See sweet and whimsical felted items with a modern twist in her shop aptly named feltjar. You should also visit her photography blog where you will find very crisp geometrical compositions.

So it all comes down to the contrast between hard and soft. First the hard: No.13 Cube Concrete Tea Light Candle Holder cast by Pawel part of the Rough Fusion of big and heavy with soft and organic.

Next the soft: Felted slippers made of softest merino wool 2in1 GREY AND GREY made by Inga Samusiene in Lithuania. More of her fine slippers can be seen in her shop ing00te or check out her blog bure bure and on Flickr too.

You can have one of these uncomplicated fog grey turks head knot rope bracelets made from hand dyed cotton cord just by clicking on the link. If you need different sizes or multiple for a party (they make great give-aways) just convo and ask.

February 26, 2012

clothesline loop bracelet 1781

Braided clothesline cord bleached and laminated into an oversize loopy cuff.

Big & easy to slip on 8 3/8" (212 mm) inside circumference.

Part of the design GEOmetry series.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

Gifts for Friends #4 collection on Etsy

What great Gifts for Friends collected by Natalka this is #4 in the series and you can visit her Etsy shop Skrynka - little box of treasuries for hand embroidered jewelry and home decor. You might also read her blog about handmade and not or visit her other shop ReComputing.

I really like the color and design of these Ceramic serving bowls in blue topaz made by Eshkar and offered through her shop claylicious "mud full art" which says it all.

These handmade Felted Bracelets Winter Blue made by Yuliya Lyovochkina are colorful and soft. Find out more about this talented artist on her blog jezek's felting which is written in russian but has photos or her live journal also with good photos of her work.

The featured item in this collection is this navy blue turks head knot sailor rope bracelet large made with a friendly hand dyed cotton braided cord. Find this and other work like it in the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy. To see an even more extensive collection visit the solid colors section on Zibbet where the listings never expire (and skies are not cloudy all day...)

February 11, 2012

two button beaded cuff bracelet 1815

 The parts for these beaded cuffs come from places like the hardware store (clothesline), the craft store (beads & cord), and the fabric store (dye). The colored cords are scraps left over from the production of the knotted bracelets. Heaps of these have been sitting in a plastic tub for months. It's hard to keep up with the amount of material generated.
The beads are highly irregular and come in a variety of sizes. Many of the larger ones seem to split apart when they are reamed out to get rid of the mold sand. The variety of color and shape are essential to the look of the finished piece.

The center seam has the irregular glass beads. You can see light filtering through like a lantern. The clothesline seams have rows of smooth seed beads worked into them.

The buttons came from a thrift store which is why they are mis-matched.

The whole thing is assembled in sections using four ply waxed nylon thread. You can find this material in the personal care section of a big box retailer. It's dental floss. Very strong, elastic and easily knotted.

The amount of time needed to make these varies. This project sat around for months unfinished while other projects took priority. All together there might the 24 hours or more needed to build the "frame" and infill with cord and beads.

Several other similar designs are listed in the design section on Etsy or the design section in Zibbet.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

Already for Spring collection on Etsy

Not much of a winter so far but we are already for spring just like this collection made by Arli Trowbridge who deals in hand shredded fibers and glass jewels in her shop UrbanRevisions.

Even in winter you can have green stuff with this Pea Pod of Air Plants // Airplants and River Stone Display made by kara b. part of her botanical decor offerings available in her shop toHOLD. Check out the pink sea urchins and air plants too.

Add a nice touch to your next utility bill payment with this Double Pinecone Rubber Stamp and send a green message. Mollie Flatley makes these and many other designs including flowers, birds, and animals. Check out her shop norajane to see the whole collection and follow her on Facebook to get discount codes.

The featured design in this spring collection is this white & green turks head knot rope bracelet which is but one of the multiple color combinations that you might have made using hand dyed cord and this nice soft natural cotton cord. See a few more in the blended colors section of the Etsy shop. A much bigger collection is online at the blended colors section of the Zibbet shop.

February 7, 2012

two custom made herringbone rope bracelets 1787

Two herringbone weave rope bracelets were made as part of a custom request. The natural white bracelet is made from a 100% cotton cord in a single strand 34 bight pattern.

The blue-green bracelet is made of a hand dyed 100% cotton cord in a double strand 29 bight pattern.

Both are 7" (178mm) inside circumference and can stretch to fit over and average adult hand.

All cotton materials will shrink when wet.

Custom requests can be placed for a particular size and weave design. Colored cord is made in small batches and has limited availability.

Check your "slip-on" size here then place a custom order here.

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

February 6, 2012

Cold Day collection on Etsy

Another Cold Day here in Minnesota but this collection has warm things put together by imali from Latvia. She loves pattern and color, all of her things are made with love and meant to be used in your everyday life. Read her blog (or just view the images) for more.

Small but handsome this Pine Tree 6x6 art block painting is my all time treasury champ at 408 treasury lists. Lots more Art Blocks and modern home must haves created by Amber and Darleen in their redtilestudio. Read more in the Apartment Therapy Blog.

A cold day requires these okapi knitted hand warmers  made by okapiknits from Paris. Perfect for texting these fingerless gloves are a part of an elegant collection of limited edition hand knitted accessories.

The feature listing in this collection is this navy blue turks head knot sailor rope bracelet size "large"made with a soft braided cotton cord that has been hand dyed a deep navy blue. Smaller and larger sizes are available by special order. This knot bracelet is part of the solid colors collection on Etsy. To see an even larger collection of handmade rope bracelets visit WhatKnotShop on Zibbet.

February 4, 2012

wide white paracord turks head knot bracelet 1758

White nylon paracord worked in a 12 part design - turks head knot bracelet. Tough as nails elegance.

Size is "small" 6 1/2" (164 mm) circumference with some ability to stretch over your hand.

                       available here

design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop

I sCREAM for iceCREAM collection on Etsy

Tatum Reid likes cream/white/beige and made this collection I sCREAM for iceCREAM with some of her favorites. Visit her shop tatumreid bicycle built for two to see her initial collection of coasters and cat toys.

This Diamond Pattern Hanging Crocheted Glass Globe Tea Light Candle Lantern got sold but there are more available in Jenn's shop PoorLittleLamb along with masquerade masks and mermaids.

Northern climates call for warm bedding and this Custom made linen duvet cover ...My wooden dream... will make your nights well, a dream. LovelyHomeIdea is the shop, Lovely Home is the handle for this textile design studio which is filled with natural fibers and logical design.

The featured item in this cream/white/beige collection is this ecru herringbone weave turks head sailor knot rope bracelet medium one of the many variations on the over-two, under-two herringbone weave pattern. This one is made from a soft, off-white cotton cord and can be found in the classic whites section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy. An even bigger collection is available on Zibbet or you can make a custom request.

February 3, 2012

it all started with the bear collection on Etsy

It All Started With The Bear - First Love collection Ok there is some fun stuff in here thanks to Mmim the mystery mom from Albion with a mnemonically named shop Mmim brimming with boxes and frames all handmade of course.

So let's get started with this Knitted Teddy Bear made by danuta from Riga. You know a child who would love one of these so visit dadisdo and pick one out. You can find more bears and other stuff on her blog.

This set of baby blue buttons got sold but click through to karoArt to find what you will need for that project. Karo has a quirky and creative ceramics collection and she will send stuff to you from Dublin.

The featured item in this collection is this dusty blue turks head knot rope bracelet made from a special low density unbleached cotton cord. This traditional three part weave will stretch a bit more than the other types of cord I use in other products. The unbleached grey cotton softens the color of the dye creating a more subtle shade. Find more of these in the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Etsy. If you want more variety and choices check out the solid colors section of WhatKnotShop on Zibbet. Choice is good, custom is available for the asking

February 1, 2012

3x3x3 rope bracelets

Three braided rope bracelets
Three bright colors
Three part weave design

available here


design and photographs © copyright 2012 WhatKnotShop