January 27, 2013

extra wide beaded cotton cuff 2628

  All cotton extra wide beaded cuff assembled from braided cord, cable cord and lots of glass beads. The assembly process for this design involves making the two fabric sides separately and later joining them together with the big beads in the center seam.

The bigger beads are a variety of colors and shapes recalling a beach full of smooth stones. The small beads are like bubbles in the fabric.
  There are only two small buttons and loops which leaves plenty of space for a little "coastline" of beads along the ends. These are stitched on after the big pieces of the bracelet have been put together.

The tensioned nylon binding thread holds the shape of this cuff and gives it some flexibility.

This one is 3 1/4" (83 mm) wide but only 1 1/8" (183 mm) inside circumference giving it a nice long proportion.

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